Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Number 18

This one, Claire has explained, doesn't mean that I have to produce a technically accurate diagram of a heart. As a male, that would suit me, and I also have the necessary knowledge via my brother-in-law, who is an amateur medical researcher and bogus doctor (it was from him that I learned that the head bone is connected to the brain bone). In fact I have to draw a map showing the people, places and things in the space they occupy in my heart, with the closest ones having a big area in the middle. It was Lola's idea to have make this a challenge – she did one of these herself.
It's a change of direction, forcing me to explore inwards rather than into new corners of the world. I won't be showing it to any relatives beyond my immediate family, however, as aunts and uncles are still arguing about who sat where at our wedding.


Molly Potter said...

Might I have a square millimetre in your heart Jim? I'll share it with the others in 'extended family.'

Be careful. You might implode. xxx

Anonymous said...

What scale is the sq mm to the whole heart? Is the heart life size? If so- a sq. mm for every extended family member would be quite a lot... especially once you've made room for other essentials, warm beer, cricket etc. oh now I'm muddling him up with John major.

jim_greenan said...

Molly - I've reserved you a whole cubic centimetre. Anonymous - It's going to be more A4 sized, and cricket won't feature.