Sunday, 20 July 2014

Number 26

10. The potting shed. The peaceful corner where I'm sent to play the accordion. Hmm ... maybe that paintwork needs attention.

9. The shower. I am normally in here after a run, so I am high on endorphins. I also had my six ideas in here.

8. The piano. Probably has a few stories to tell. It was Ruth Gardener's before it came to us, and who knows before that. It is played a lot by me and Fred, my dwindling students, and used by Lola to make up songs. I wonder if pianos remember all the tunes ever played on them when they're drowning. 

 7. Bed.

6. The shoe basket. Always evolving. Increasingly dominated by Fred's tanker-sized trainers.

5. Kids' art going up the stairs in chronological order.

4. End of ancient washing-line in outbuilding, which was the shared washroom for the cottages behind. You can sense the hundreds-of-years-old gossip in the air.

3. Kitchen window-sill. In this area, there's everything you could need, from a giant wooden staring eye, to a Blue Peter badge, to a doll's arm. This is also where Derek lives with his girlfriend.

2. Top of the piano. An abandoned tropical corner where Aardman Animation seem to be filming an adult movie.

1. Back garden. Sit and listen to birds twitter. That's what I like to do.


Molly Potter said...

Derek has a girlfriend???? Nobody told me. That's top gossip that is.

Molly Potter said...

She stole that idea from my blog you know...but I can't find my version.

Molly Potter said...

Claire Potter said...

I did not actually steal it from you Ms. Molly Potter. The idea is all over the internet. So I stole it from The World.

jim_greenan said...

Come on, sisters - sort it out outside.

Molly Potter said...

Ahem. I am outside and ready for negotiations to begin. I put on the table. Well the world stole it from me. I did it when I was 5 and I am 587 now.

Claire Potter said...

The world thought of it before you were 5. It was first done by a brontosaurus. His top ten were mostly leaves.