Saturday, 2 August 2014

Number 28

Claire hands me the new challenge when I get home from work.
OK then, I will. I have always wanted to eat lobster, as Claire knows, but it's too expensive. But Claire has got hold of a money-off voucher for Loch Fyne, so off we go. Sounds like more of a treat than a challenge to me, but I'm not complaining. She's pre-ordered my lobster. Here he is.
The chef gets to work - not one for the squeamish.
Ten minutes, later, it's there in front of me.
I just check with Claire that the challenge wasn't literally to eat the whole lobster, but just the normal, meaty bits, and I'm off.
Clearly a serious business - I'd held a smile for 23.2 seconds, waiting for the shutter to click.
And it's gone. A one-kilo lobster, inside me. Very nice too.

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Molly Potter said...

Nope - there was too much treat and not enough challenge in that challenge. Therefore I have had a word with the Jim's challenges ethics committee and you will need to do 51 challenges if you count this one as one.