Monday, 27 January 2014

Number 4

This looks easier than it is. It has to be a place where you order first then pay at the end. And a fairly busy place so suspicion doesn't fall on me. Claire's convinced that it will end up with me spending a night in the cells. All I can see is the headline 'Coffee pest lynched'. Might need some planning, a false beard and a getaway driver. ('Bearded coffee pest killed in crash').

Freddie's suggestions for 'challenges' for me:
  • Dress up in full football kit and turn up at Oxford United reception saying 'I've come for the tryout'
  • Similar, but dress up in fancy dress policeman's uniform and go to Oxford police station saying 'I've come for the tryout'
  • Dress up in tracksuit, go to a random youth football game, and start running up and down the touchline shouting angry directions to one of the teams
  • Pretend to faint in public


Molly Potter said...

When Chris of the Wood set me the challenge of giving 12 pound coins to 12 separate people that I did not know I said (internally) 'Pah- easy!' (It would have confused those nearby had I said it externally). However I learnt that giving anything away free is actually so counter culture (unless you are a big business giving away a key ring) that it is really, really difficult. I had the money returned twice via offence, I nearly got hit once and ultimately ended up cheating (buskers, drunk people, teenagers).

Potterix said...

This is what the woman who did 366 days of random kindness encountered - but mainly at the beginning and only sometimes. There must be a knack to it with practice??? (pretend you're a big company?!).