Monday, 10 March 2014

Number 10

Ha ha - nice one.

If you gave George Clooney a string vest, a jumper you found in a bin and some paint-covered tracky bottoms, he'd still manage to look sharp. I am the opposite. If someone put me in an Armani suit – and I can't picture any sequence of events that would lead to that – I'd still look like I'd put my clothes on with a shovel. 

I've also never been interested in clothes, although I do usually wear them so as not to embarrass the kids. I've never really got fashion – suddenly everyone decides that what would have been a sign of severe mental health issues six months ago now looks good. 

Recent beardies, I'm talking to you - if you wanted a bushy beard, why didn't you grow one before, so you could be special? 

But I don't have the courage or desire to wear clothes that stand out, so I have evolved over the years a wardrobe that you could fairly describe as dull, limited, and crap. 
The charity shop part of this is no challenge at all – that's where I buy my clothes anyway. The challenge is the fear of ending up looking like some kind of navvy-clown. Or maybe in six months' time everyone will have swapped their beard for the new, 'navvy-clown' look.


Molly Potter said...

I am hoping it's a kilt, stripy tights or a feathered, yellow onesie that makes you look like big bird.

jim_greenan said...

... and yet still keep my dignity?

Molly Potter said...

What dignity is that which you say you are keeping? Would you like me to help you look for it? xxx