Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Number 35 update

A select group of men turned up, with an age range of nearly 20 years. Some guffaws were had and some rubbish was talked. My observing wife, who fancies herself as a bit of a David Attenborough, pointed out there was a long period of chest-to-chest standing up at the start, as we protected our masculinity and sorted out who was the alpha-male. She was wrong:
a) We were actually saying how good each other's hair looked, and
b) comparing our experience of the menopause and how it has affected us emotionally, and
c) the best of us is delta.
I was pretty moved that the social worker and the lawyer found common ground in a long and too-detailed discussion about the precise legal and physical steps that would have to be taken to have me certified 'for a joke'.
Next time I'll drop the cake, I think, but will definitely do something similar again. A very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Thanks chaps.


Anonymous said...

I was there but I left early because the incessant talk about diets, feelings and recipe swapping bored me senseless. I also felt inhibited about exposing my silverback.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it - sounds like it was fun. I like the idea of the common ground in how to section Jim ... but why for a joke?
Tim H

Anonymous said...
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