Monday, 10 February 2014

Number 5 update

Did the hug - a full 10 seconds with kiss on cheek. No ambush necessary. 'That's 10 seconds of my day wasted' was the response. I suspect he secretly enjoyed it as much as me. It wasn't caught on camera, but here's an earlier tender moment, after we'd stayed up all night watching the Open University course on Using Theodolites in Surveying, just for the hell of it. We were young and foolish then.


Molly Potter said...

Disgusting. It's still fresh in our Norfolk minds how wrong this is - having only just grasped this. Freddie Ring 0800 1111 now.

jim_greenan said...

You're mixing up Theodolites and Sodomites again, aren't you. Remember the pickle that got you in last time.

Molly Potter said...

I am smiling, shaking my head and smacking my forehead with the palm of my hand. Silly me. easy mistake to make.