Monday, 10 February 2014

Number 6

Yes - like it. I don't think about birds much; although I know a lot of them (owl, robin, penguin, eagle, both types of tit (long-tail and stupid), beagle and ... erm ... owl - that must be all of them, surely) I admit there are gaps in my knowledge. So I'll do some basic research about their feeding habits and then it's down to Well Worth It to see what the hell a bird feeder even is. So many questions already swirling in my head - Are they vegetarian? What time do they have meals? Can they get overweight? What do they drink?
Blimey, another niche of life I never thought I'd be delving into.


Molly Potter said...

I only have one question about birds.
Would I really want to be a flamingo or should I let that one go and move on?

jim_greenan said...

Yes and yes